Custom Covers
Service & Repair

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Last modified: 09/16/09

Services Available in the St. Croix River Valley.  Call 612-308-5830

Services & Repairs

  •  Re-stitching thread damage

  •  Patching holes, rips and tears

  • Fix Zippers

  • Fix snaps in Canvas

  • Canvas Inspection*

*Canvas Inspection*

 Assess Overall Condition of Cover including:  Material (including water repellency), Thread condition, Snaps, fasteners frames and fittings

Determine Reparability of Cover: Identify critical repairs needed and cost estimates, Estimate remaining life expectancy of cover after repairs, Estimate replacement cost if recommended over repairs

Recommendations: Identify non critical repairs and cost estimates, Recommend services to extend life expectancy of cover, Recommend improvements and modifications and costs